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Association between use of systemic and inhaled glucocorticoids and changes in brain volume and white matter microstructure: a cross-sectional study using data from the UK Biobank
Merel van der Meulen, Jorge Miguel Amaya, Olaf M Dekkers, Onno C Meijer

30 August 2022

Imaging timing after glioblastoma surgery (INTERVAL-GB): protocol for a UK and Ireland, multicentre retrospective cohort study
Conor S Gillespie, Emily R Bligh, Michael T C Poon, Georgios Solomou, Abdurrahman I Islim, Mohammad A Mustafa, Ola Rominiyi, Sophie T Williams, Neeraj Kalra, Ryan K Mathew, Thomas C Booth, Gerard Thompson, Paul M Brennan, Michael D Jenkinson, INTERVAL-GB CollaborativeSee the full list of authors

13 September 2022

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