Research methods

Systematic bias between blinded independent central review and local assessment: literature review and analyses of 76 phase III randomised controlled trials in 45 688 patients with advanced solid tumour

Jianrong Zhang, Yiyin Zhang, Shiyan Tang, Long Jiang, Qihua He, Lindsey Tristine Hamblin, Jiaxi He, Zhiheng Xu, Jieyu Wu, Yaoqi Chen, Hengrui Liang, Difei Chen, Yu Huang, Xinyu Wang, Kexin Deng, Shuhan Jiang, Jiaqing Zhou, Jiaxuan Xu, Xuanzuo Chen, Wenhua Liang, Jianxing He


September 10, 2018

Clinical and cost-effectiveness of one-session treatment (OST) versus multisession cognitive–behavioural therapy (CBT) for specific phobias in children: protocol for a non-inferiority randomised controlled trial

Barry D Wright, Cindy Cooper, Alexander J Scott, Lucy Tindall, Shehzad Ali, Penny Bee, Katie Biggs, Trilby Breckman, Thompson E Davis III, Lina Gega, Rebecca Julie Hargate, Ellen Lee, Karina Lovell, David Marshall, Dean McMillan, M Dawn Teare, Jonathan Wilson


August 17, 2018

Protocol for a scoping review to support development of a CONSORT extension for randomised controlled trials using cohorts and routinely collected health data

Linda Kwakkenbos, Mahrukh Imran, Kimberly A McCord, Margaret Sampson, Ole Fröbert, Chris Gale, Lars G Hemkens, Sinead M Langan, David Moher, Clare Relton, Merrick Zwarenstein, Eric I Benchimol, Isabelle Boutron, Marion K Campbell, David Erlinge, Sena Jawad, Philippe Ravaud, Danielle B Rice, Maureen Sauve, Tjeerd P van Staa, Lehana Thabane, Rudolf Uher, Helena M Verkooijen, Edmund Juszczak, Brett D Thombs


August 5, 2018

Sensitivity and specificity of breast cancer ICD-9-CM codes in three Italian administrative healthcare databases: a diagnostic accuracy study

Iosief Abraha, Diego Serraino, Alessandro Montedori, Mario Fusco, Gianni Giovannini, Paola Casucci, Francesco Cozzolino, Massimiliano Orso, Annalisa Granata, Marcello De Giorgi, Paolo Collarile, Rita Chiari, Jennifer Foglietta, Maria Francesca Vitale, Fabrizio Stracci, Walter Orlandi, Ettore Bidoli, The D.I.V.O. Group, David Franchini, Giuliana Alessandrini, Roberto Cirocchi, Valerio Ciullo, Michele Gobbato, Paolo Eusebi, Chiara Grisci


July 23, 2018