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Nutrition and metabolism

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COVID-19 pandemic and vitamin D: rising trends in status and in daily amounts of vitamin D provided by supplements
Malachi J McKenna, Oonagh C Lyons, Mary AT Flynn, Rachel K Crowley, Patrick J Twomey, Mark T Kilbane

4 August 2022

Prevention Of Breast and Endometrial cancer using Total Diet Replacement (PROBE-TDR) trial: protocol for a randomised controlled trial
Helen Clarke, Michelle Harvie, Cheryl Lombardelli, Suzanne Krizak, Katharine Sellers, Hannah Harrison, Yit Y Lim, Caroline Parkin, Shruthi Patel, Basil G Issa, Anthony J Maxwell, Julie Wisely, John Belcher, Robert Clarke, Anthony HowellSee the full list of authors

19 July 2022

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