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Medical publishing and peer review

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Cross-sectional study of the relationship between women’s representation among editors and peer reviewers in journals of the British Medical Journal Publishing Group

Ana-Catarina Pinho-Gomes, Amy Vassallo, Mark Woodward, Sanne Peters

12 May 2022

Methods and results used in the development of a consensus-driven extension to the Consolidated Standards of Reporting Trials (CONSORT) statement for trials conducted using cohorts and routinely collected data (CONSORT-ROUTINE)

Mahrukh Imran, Linda Kwakkenbos, Stephen J McCall, Kimberly A McCord, Ole Fröbert, Lars G Hemkens, Merrick Zwarenstein, Clare Relton, Danielle B Rice, Sinéad M Langan, Eric I Benchimol, Lehana Thabane, Marion K Campbell, Margaret Sampson, David Erlinge, Helena M Verkooijen, David Moher, Isabelle Boutron, Philippe Ravaud, Jon Nicholl, Rudolf Uher, Maureen Sauvé, John Fletcher, David Torgerson, Chris Gale, Edmund Juszczak, Brett D Thombs

29 April 2021

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