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Medical education and training

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Supervisors’ approaches to the early entrustment of clinical tasks: an observational study in general practice
Laury P J W M de Jonge, Marjan J B Govaerts, Angelique A Timmerman, Jean W M Muris, Anneke W M Kramer, Cees P M Van der Vleuten

5 August 2022

Longitudinal impact of preregistration interprofessional education on the attitudes and skills of health professionals during their early careers: a non-randomised trial with 4-year outcomes
Ben Darlow, Melanie Brown, Eileen McKinlay, Lesley Gray, Gordon Purdie, Sue Pullon, , the Longitudinal Interprofessional Study Group, Louise Beckingsale, Kaye Cheetham, Ruth Crawford, Sue Floyd, Lyndie Foster-Page, Peter Gallagher, Janice HandleySee the full list of authors

20 July 2022

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