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Infectious diseases

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Examining the psychological and financial impact of travel restrictions on citizens and permanent residents stranded abroad during the COVID-19 pandemic: international cross-sectional study

Pippa McDermid, Adam Craig, Meru Sheel, Katrina Blazek, Siobhan Talty, Holly Seale

19 May 2022

LOng COvid Multidisciplinary consortium Optimising Treatments and servIces acrOss the NHS (LOCOMOTION): protocol for a mixed-methods study in the UK

Manoj Sivan, Trisha Greenhalgh, Julie Lorraine Darbyshire, Ghazala Mir, Rory J O'Connor, Helen Dawes, Darren Greenwood, Daryl O’Connor, Mike Horton, Stavros Petrou, Simon de Lusignan, Vasa Curcin, Erik Mayer, Alexander Casson, Ruairidh Milne, Clare Rayner, Nikki Smith, Amy Parkin, Nick Preston, Brendan Delaney, , on behalf of the LOCOMOTION consortium, Nawar Diar Bakerly, Mauricio Barahona, Alexander Casson, Jonathan Clarke, Vasa Curcin, Helen Davies, Helen Dawes, Brendan Delaney, Carlos Echevarria, Sarah Elkin, Rachael Evans, Zaccheus Falope, Darren Greenwood Ben Glampson, Stephen Halpin, Mike Horton, Joseph Kwon, Simon de Lusignan, Gayathri Delanerolle, Erik Mayer, Harsha Master, Ruairidh Milne, Jacqui Morris, Amy Parkin, Anton Pick, Nick Preston, Amy Rebane, Emma Tucker, Ana Belen Espinosa Gonzalez, Sareeta Baley, Annette Rolls, Emily Bullock, Megan Ball, Shehnaz Bashir, Mae Mansoubi, Joanne Elwin, Denys Prociuk, Iram Qureshi, Samantha Jones

17 May 2022

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