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Online information in Spanish on probiotics, yoghurt, kefir, kombucha, fibre and prebiotics: an analysis of the quality of information and the certainty of the evidence supporting health claims
Andreu Prados-Bo, Montserrat Rabassa, Mireia Bosch, Gonzalo Casino

3 August 2022

Real-world, feasibility study to investigate the use of a multidisciplinary app (Pulsara) to improve prehospital communication and timelines for acute stroke/STEMI care
Chris F Bladin, Kathleen L Bagot, Michelle Vu, Joosup Kim, Stephen Bernard, Karen Smith, Grant Hocking, Tessa Coupland, Debra Pearce, Diane Badcock, Marc Budge, Voltaire Nadurata, Wayne Pearce, Howard Hall, Ben KellySee the full list of authors

18 July 2022

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