Protocol for the Prognosticating Delirium Recovery Outcomes Using Wakefulness and Sleep Electroencephalography (P-DROWS-E) study: a prospective observational study of delirium in elderly cardiac surgical patients

S Kendall Smith, Thomas Nguyen, Alyssa K Labonte, MohammadMehdi Kafashan, Orlandrea Hyche, Christian S Guay, Elizabeth Wilson, Courtney W Chan, Anhthi Luong, L Brian Hickman, Bradley A Fritz, Daniel Emmert, Thomas J Graetz, Spencer J Melby, Brendan P Lucey, Yo-El S Ju, Troy S Wildes, Michael S Avidan, Ben J A Palanca


December 13, 2020

Effectiveness, cost-effectiveness and safety of gabapentin versus placebo as an adjunct to multimodal pain regimens in surgical patients: protocol of a placebo controlled randomised controlled trial with blinding (GAP study)

Sarah Baos, Chris A Rogers, Reyad Abbadi, Aiman Alzetani, Gianluca Casali, Nilesh Chauhan, Laura Collett, Lucy Culliford, Samantha E de Jesus, Mark Edwards, Nicholas Goddard, Jennifer Lamb, Holly McKeon, Mat Molyneux, Elizabeth A Stokes, Sarah Wordsworth, Ben Gibbison, Maria Pufulete


November 20, 2020