Open-label, multicentre, single-arm trial of monthly injections of depot buprenorphine in people with opioid dependence: protocol for the CoLAB study

Briony Larance, Marianne Byrne, Nicholas Lintzeris, Suzanne Nielsen, Jason Grebely, Louisa Degenhardt, Jeyran Shahbazi, Marian Shanahan, Kari Lancaster, Gregory Dore, Robert Ali, Michael Farrell, on behalf of the CoLAB study team, Louisa Degenhardt, Nicholas Lintzeris, Briony Larance, Suzanne Nielsen, Jason Grebely, Gregory Dore, Robert Ali, Kari Lancaster, Marian Shanahan, Carla Treloar, Marianne Byrne, Jeyran Shahbazi, Stella Nalukwago, Craig Rodgers, Adrian Dunlop, Michael McDonough, Jon Cook, Mark Montebello, Michael Aufgang, Robert Weiss, Zoe Griffin


July 31, 2020