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Association of food industry ties with findings of studies examining the effect of dairy food intake on cardiovascular disease and mortality: systematic review and meta-analysis

Nicholas Chartres, Alice Fabbri, Sally McDonald, Joanna Diong, Joanne E McKenzie, Lisa Bero

4 December 2020

Health service needs and perspectives of remote forest communities in Papua New Guinea: study protocol for combined clinical and rapid anthropological assessments with parallel treatment of urgent cases

Jo Middleton, Mohammad Yazid Abdad, Emilie Beauchamp, Gavin Colthart, Maxwell J F Cooper, Francesca Dem, James Fairhead, Caroline L Grundy, Michael G Head, Joao Inacio, Mavis Jimbudo, Christopher Iain Jones, Martina Konecna, Moses Laman, Hayley MacGregor, Vojtech Novotny, Mika Peck, Jason Paliau, Jonah Philip, Willie Pomat, Chrissy H Roberts, Shen Sui, Alan J Stewart, Stephen L Walker, Jackie A Cassell

31 October 2020

Assessing differential item functioning for the Social Appearance Anxiety Scale: a Scleroderma Patient-centred Intervention Network (SPIN) Cohort Study

Sophia J Sommer, Daphna Harel, Linda Kwakkenbos, Marie-Eve Carrier, Shadi Gholizadeh, Karen Gottesman, Catarina Leite, Vanessa L Malcarne, Brett D Thombs, , SPIN Investigators, Murray Baron, Susan J Bartlett, Daniel E Furst, Maureen D Mayes, Luc Mouthon, Warren R Nielson, Robert Riggs, Maureen Sauve, Fredrick Wigley, Shervin Assassi, Andrea Benedetti, Isabelle Boutron, Angela Costa Maia, Lindsay Cronin, Ghassan El-Baalbaki, Carolyn Ells, Stephen Elrod, Cornelia van den Ende, Kim Fligelstone, Catherine Fortune, Tracy Frech, Amy Gietzen, Dominique Godard, Shirley Haslam Geneviève Guillot, Monique Hinchcliff, Marie Hudson, Ann Impens, Yeona Jang, Sindhu R Johnson, Ann Tyrell Kennedy, Annett Körner, Maggie Larche, Carlo Marra, Christelle Nguyen, Karen Nielsen, Janet Pope, Alexandra Portales, François Rannou, Michelle Richard, Tatiana Sofia Rodriguez Reyna, Ken Rozee, Anne A. Schouffoer, Russell J Steele, Nancy Stephens, Maria E Suarez-Almazor, Joep Welling, Durhane Wong-Rieger, Christian Agard, Alexandra Albert, Marc André, Guylaine Arsenault, Ilham Benzidia, Elana J Bernstein, Sabine Berthier, Lyne Bissonnette, Gilles Boire, Alessandra Bruns, Patricia Carreira, Marion Casadevall, Benjamin Chaigne, Lorinda Chung, Pascal Cohen, Chase Correia, Pierre Dagenais, Christopher Denton, Robyn Domsic, Sandrine Dubois, James V Dunne, Bertrand Dunogue, Alexia Esquinca, Regina Fare, Dominique Farge-Bancel, Paul R Fortin, Anna Gill, Jessica Gordon, Brigitte Granel-Rey, Claire Grange, Genevieve Gyger, Eric Hachulla, Pierre-Yves Hatron, Sabrina Hoa, Ariane L Herrick, Adrian Hij, Alena Ikic, Niall Jones, Artur Jose de B. Fernandes, Suzanne Kafaja, Nader Khalidi, Marc Lambert, David Launay, Patrick Liang, Hélène Maillard, Nancy Maltez, Joanne Manning, Isabelle Marie, Maria Martin, Thierry Martin, Ariel Masetto, François Maurier, Arsene Mekinian, Sheila Melchor, Mandana Nikpour, Vincent Poindron, Susanna Proudman, Alexis Régent, Sébastien Rivière, David Robinson, Esther Rodriguez, Sophie Roux, Perrine Smets, Doug Smith, Vincent Sobanski, Robert Spiera, Virginia Steen, Wendy Stevens, Evelyn Sutton, Benjamin Terrier, Carter Thorne, John Varga, Pearce Wilcox, Angelica Bourgeault, Andrea Carboni Jiménez, Sami Harb, Lydia Tao

12 October 2020

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