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Prevalence of frailty and pain in hospitalised adult patients in an acute hospital: a protocol for a point prevalence observational study

Rosemary Saunders, Kate Crookes, Mustafa Atee, Caroline Bulsara, Max K Bulsara, Christopher Etherton-Beer, Beverley Ewens, Olivia Gallagher, Renee M Graham, Karen Gullick, Sue Haydon, Kim-Huong Nguyen, Bev O'Connell, Karla Seaman, Jeff Hughes

23 March 2021

International Physical Activity and Built Environment Study of adolescents: IPEN Adolescent design, protocol and measures

Kelli L Cain, Jo Salmon, Terry L Conway, Ester Cerin, Erica Hinckson, Josef Mitáš, Jasper Schipperijn, Lawrence D Frank, Ranjit Mohan Anjana, Anthony Barnett, Jan Dygrýn, Mohammed Zakiul Islam, Javier Molina-García, Mika Moran, Wan Abdul Manan Wan Muda, Adewale L Oyeyemi, Rodrigo Reis, Maria Paula Santos, Tanja Schmidt, Grant M Schofield, Anna Timperio, Delfien Van Dyck, James F Sallis

18 January 2021

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