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Cohort profile: Scotland’s record-linkage e-cohorts of people with intellectual disabilities, and autistic people (SCIDA)

Sally-Ann Cooper, Angela Henderson, Deborah Kinnear, Daniel Mackay, Michael Fleming, Gillian S Smith, Laura Anne Hughes-McCormack, Ewelina Rydzewska, Kirsty Dunn, J P Pell, Craig Melville

13 May 2022

Study designs for clinical trials applied to personalised medicine: a scoping review

Cecilia Superchi, Florie Brion Bouvier, Chiara Gerardi, Montserrat Carmona, Lorena San Miguel, Luis María Sánchez-Gómez, Iñaki Imaz-Iglesia, Paula Garcia, Jacques Demotes, Rita Banzi, Raphaël Porcher, , the PERMIT Group, Antonio L Andreu, Florence Bietrix, Maria del Mar Polo-de Santos, Maddalena Fratelli, Vibeke Fosse, Enrico Glaab, Rainer Girgenrath, Alexander Grundmann, Josep Maria Haro, Frank Hulstaert, Pascale Jonckheer, Setefilla Luengo Matos, Emmet McCormack, Anna Monistrol Mula, Albert Sanchez Niubo, Emanuela Oldoni, Teresa Torres

6 May 2022

Identifying and addressing conflicting results across multiple discordant systematic reviews on the same question: protocol for a replication study of the Jadad algorithm

Carole Lunny, Sai Surabi Thirugnanasampanthar, Salmaan Kanji, Nicola Ferri, Pierre Thabet, Dawid Pieper, Sara Tasnim, Harrison Nelson, Emma Reid, Jia He (Janet) Zhang, Banveer Kalkat, Yuan Chi, Jacqueline Thompson, Reema Abdoulrezzak, Di Wen (Wendy) Zheng, Lindy Pangka, Dian (Xin Ran) Wang, Parisa Safavi, Anmol Sooch, Kevin Kang, Sera Whitelaw, Andrea C Tricco

20 April 2022

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