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Reproductive medicine

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Protocol of the Fit-For-Fertility study: a multicentre randomised controlled trial assessing a lifestyle programme targeting women with obesity and infertility

Matea Belan, Myriam Gélinas, Belina Carranza-Mamane, Marie-France Langlois, Anne-Sophie Morisset, Stephanie-May Ruchat, Kim Lavoie, Kristi Adamo, Thomas Poder, Frances Gallagher, Marie-Hélène Pesant, Farrah Jean-Denis, Jean-Patrice Baillargeon, , the Fit-For-Fertility Study Group, R Bouzayen, N Chaillet, W Fraser, F Gallagher, A Godbout, E Greenblatt, C Kamga-Ngande, Kong Weilin, S Laredo, M Sagle, B Taylor

19 April 2022

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