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Postural control in Chiari I malformation: protocol for a paediatric prospective, observational cohort – potential role of posturography for surgical indication

Irene Stella, Thomas Remen, Arthur Petel, Anthony Joud, Olivier Klein, Philippe Perrin

12 May 2022

Ventilatory weaning strategies for predicting extubation success in children following cardiac surgery for congenital heart disease: a protocol for a systematic review and meta-analysis

Amanda Alves Assis Garcia, Alexia Gabriela da Silva Vieira, Danielle Akemi Bergara Kuramoto, Ilana Gomes Leite, Thais Rodrigues de Freitas, Marcello Erich Reicher, Virginia Fernandes Moca Trevisani, Henrique Jorge Guedes Neto, Ronald Luiz Gomes Flumignan, Jorge Eduardo de Amorim, Luis Carlos Uta Nakano

29 April 2022

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