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Improving the perception of respect for and the dignity of inpatients: a systematic review

Pablo Eduardo Pereira Dutra, Laiana Azevedo Quagliato, Antonio Egidio Nardi

13 May 2022

Youth Culturally adapted Manual Assisted Problem Solving Training (YCMAP) in Pakistani adolescent with a history of self-harm: protocol for multicentre clinical and cost-effectiveness randomised controlled trial

Nusrat Husain, Sehrish Tofique, Imran B Chaudhry, Tayyeba Kiran, Peter Taylor, Christopher Williams, Rakhshi Memon, Shilpa Aggarwal, Mohsin Hassan Alvi, S Ananiadou, Moin Ahmad Ansari, Saadia Aseem, Andrew Beck, Sumira Alam, Erminia Colucci, Kate Davidson, Sarah Edwards, Richard Emsley, Jonathan Green, Anil Gumber, Keith Hawton, Farhat Jafri, Ayesha Khaliq, Thomas Mason, Ann Mcreath, Ayesha Minhas, Farooq Naeem, Haider Ali Naqvi, Amna Noureen, Maria Panagioti, Anita Patel, Aaron Poppleton, Tinevimbo Shiri, Mima Simic, Sarwat Sultan, Asad Tamizuddin Nizami, Zainab Zadeh, Shehla Naeem Zafar, Nasim Chaudhry

13 May 2022

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