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Immunology (including allergy)

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Associations between sensitisation to allergens and allergic diseases: a hospital-based case–control study in China

Wei Zhang, Biao Xie, Meina Liu, Yupeng Wang

1 February 2022

Defining CD4 T helper and T regulatory cell endotypes of progressive and remitting pulmonary sarcoidosis (BRITE): protocol for a US-based, multicentre, longitudinal observational bronchoscopy study

Laura L Koth, Laura D Harmacek, Elizabeth K White, Nicholas Kostandinos Arger, Linda Powers, Brenda R Werner, Roman E Magallon, Pineet Grewal, Briana Q Barkes, Li Li, May Gillespie, Sarah E Collins, Jessica Cardenas, Edward S Chen, Lisa A Maier, Sonia M Leach, Brian P O’Connor, Nabeel Y Hamzeh

9 November 2021

Study protocol of a phase 2, dual-centre, randomised, controlled trial evaluating the effectiveness of probiotic and egg oral immunotherapy at inducing desensitisation or sustained unresponsiveness (remission) in participants with egg allergy compared with placebo (Probiotic Egg Allergen Oral Immunotherapy for Treatment of Egg Allergy: PEAT study)

Paxton Loke, Adriana Chebar Lozinsky, Francesca Orsini, Lydia Su-Yin Wong, Agnes Sze-Yin Leung, Elizabeth Huiwen Tham, Andreas L Lopata, Lynette Pei-Chi Shek, Mimi LK Tang, , PEAT study team, Ee-Lyn Su, Marnie Robinson, Dean Tey, Julie Belousoff, Sigrid Pitkin, Christine Axelrad, Archana Mitra, Pauline Chan, Soh Jian Yi, David Ng

7 July 2021

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