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Identifying credible attribution sources for cigarette health warning labels in China: results from a cross-sectional survey of Chinese adults

Lauren Czaplicki, Jeffrey Hardesty, Elizabeth Crespi, Tingzhong Yang, Ryan David Kennedy

13 May 2022

Assessment of COVID-19 pandemic responses in African countries: thematic synthesis of WHO intra-action review reports

Ambrose Talisuna, Chinwe Iwu, J Okeibunor, Mary Stephen, Emmanuel Onuche Musa, Belinda Louise Herring, Otim Patrick Cossy Ramadan, Daniel Yota, Miriam Nanyunja, Allan Mpairwe, Freddy Mutoka Banza, Amadou Bailo Diallo, Roland Kimbi Wango, Christian Massidi, Hilary Kagume Njenge, Martin Traore, Antonio Oke, Boukare Bonkoungou, Landry Ndriko Mayigane, Ishata Nannie Conteh, Fekadu Senait, Stella Chungong, Benido Impouma, Nsenga Ngoy, Charles Shey Wiysonge, Zabulon Yoti, Abdou Salam Gueye

2 May 2022

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