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Effect of goal-directed mobilisation intervention compared with standard care on physical activity among medical inpatients: protocol for the GoMob-in randomised controlled trial

Fabian D Liechti, Jeannelle Heinzmann, Joachim M Schmidt Leuenberger, Andreas Limacher, Maria M Wertli, Martin L Verra

12 May 2022

Protocol for SYNchronising Exercises, Remedies in GaIt and Cognition at Home (SYNERGIC@Home): feasibility of a home-based double-blind randomised controlled trial to improve gait and cognition in individuals at risk for dementia

Chris McGibbon, Pam Jarrett, Grant Handrigan, Danielle Bouchard, Carole C Tranchant, Andrew M Sexton, Linda Yetman, Bryn Robinson, Stephanie Crapoulet, Ludivine Chamard-Witkowski, Teresa Liu-Ambrose, Laura Elizabeth Middleton, Quincy J Almeida, Louis Bherer, Andrew Lim, Mark Speechley, Nellie Kamkar, Manuel Montero Odasso, , the Canadian Consortium on Neurodegeneration in Aging (CCNA), CAN-THUMBS UP Group, Howard Chertkow, Sylvie Belleville, Howard Feldman, Manuel Montero-Odasso, Haakon Nygaard, Danielle Alcock, Nicole Anderson, Sarah Banks, Paul Brewster, Senny Chan, Marc Cuesta, Samir Das, Carol Evans, Guylaine Ferland, Tati Herold, Scott Hofer, Inbal Itzhak, Diane Jacobs, Pam Jarrett, Nellie Kamkar, Andrew Lim, Jody-Lynn Lupo, Lisa Madlensky, Chris McGibbon, Karen Messer, Zia Mohades, Carolyn Revta, Julie Robillard, Penny Slack, Eric Smith, Mark Speechley, Jennifer Walker, Jingjing Zou

31 March 2022

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