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Development and validation of a risk-adjustment model for mortality and hospital length of stay for trauma patients: a prospective registry-based study in Australia

Arul Earnest, Cameron Palmer, Gerard O'Reilly, Maxine Burrell, Emily McKie, Sudhakar Rao, Kate Curtis, Peter Cameron

23 August 2021

Point-of-care ultrasound-guided regional anaesthesia in older ED patients with hip fractures: a study to test the feasibility of a training programme and time needed to complete nerve blocks by ED physicians after training

Jacques Simon Lee, Tina Bhandari, Robert Simard, Marcel Emond, Claude Topping, Michael Woo, Jeffrey Perry, Debra Eagles, Andrew D McRae, Eddy Lang, Charles Wong, Marco Sivilotti, Joseph Newbigging, Bjug Borgundvaag, Shelley L McLeod, Donald Melady, Lan Chernoff, Alex Kiss, Jordan Chenkin

5 July 2021

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