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Real-time prediction of patient disposition and the impact of reporter confidence on mid-level triage accuracies: an observational study in Israel

Daniel Trotzky, Noaa Shopen, Jonathan Mosery, Neta Negri Galam, Yizhaq Mimran, Daniel Edward Fordham, Shiran Avisar, Aya Cohen, Malka Katz Shalhav, Gal Pachys

9 December 2021

CCEDRRN COVID-19 Infection Score (CCIS): development and validation in a Canadian cohort of a clinical risk score to predict SARS-CoV-2 infection in patients presenting to the emergency department with suspected COVID-19

Andrew D McRae, Corinne M Hohl, Rhonda Rosychuk, Shabnam Vatanpour, Gelareh Ghaderi, Patrick M Archambault, Steven C Brooks, Ivy Cheng, Philip Davis, Jake Hayward, Eddy Lang, Robert Ohle, Brian Rowe, Michelle Welsford, Krishan Yadav, Laurie J Morrison, Jeffrey Perry, , Canadian COVID-19 Emergency Department Rapid Response Network (CCEDRRN) investigators for the Network of Canadian Emergency Researchers and the Canadian Critical Care Trials Group, Patrick Fok, Hana Wiemer, Samuel Campbell, Kory Arsenault, Tara Dahn, Kavish Chandra, Patrick Archambault, Joel Turner, Éric Mercier, Greg Clark, Sébastien Robert, Raoul Daoust, Laurie Morrison, Steven Brooks, Ivy Cheng, Krishan Yadav, Michelle Welsford, Rob Ohle, Justin Yan, Rohit Mohindra, Megan Landes, Tomislav Jelic, Ankit Kapur, Phil Davis, Andrew McRae, Brian Rowe, Katie Lin, Stephanie VandenBerg, Jake Hayward, Jaspreet Khangura, Corinne Hohl, Daniel Ting, Maja Stachura, Frank Scheuermeyer, Balijeet Braar, Craig Murray, John Taylor, Ian Martin, Sean Wormsbecker, Matt Bouchard, Lee Graham

2 December 2021

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