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Improving patient and clinician safety during COVID-19 through rapidly adaptive simulation and a randomised controlled trial: a study protocol

Leigh V Evans, Jessica M Ray, James W Bonz, Melissa Joseph, Jeffrey N Gerwin, James D Dziura, Arjun K Venkatesh, Ambrose H Wong

19 May 2022

LOw-dose CT Or Lung UltraSonography versus standard of care based-strategies for the diagnosis of pneumonia in the elderly: protocol for a multicentre randomised controlled trial (OCTOPLUS)

Virginie Prendki, Nicolas Garin, Jerome Stirnemann, Christophe Combescure, Alexandra Platon, Enos Bernasconi, Thomas Sauter, Wolf Hautz, , The OCTOPLUS study group, Nicolas Garin, Christophe Combescure, Gianluca Argentieri, Christine Baumgartner, Cristina Boehm-Bosmani, Tanja Birrenbach, Clémence Cuvelier, Christophe Fehlmann, Pauline Gosselin, Olivier Grosgurin, François Herrmann, Alessandro Jessula, Laurent Kaiser, Aileen Kharat, Véronique Lachat, Cornelia Lambrigger, Beat Lehmann, Antonio Leidi, Elisa Marchi, Christophe Marti, Mihaela Martinvalet, Lara Morosoli, Daniel Ott, Thibault Parent, Pierre-Alexandre Poletti, Jean-Luc Reny, Xavier Roux, Frédéric Rouyer, Thomas Ruder, Max Scheffler, Guillaume Soret, Jérôme Tessieras, Catherine Vindret, Dina Zekry, Enrico Zucconi

6 May 2022

Fibrinogen Early In Severe paediatric Trauma studY (FEISTY junior): protocol for a randomised controlled trial

Shane George, Elizabeth Wake, Melanie Jansen, John Roy, Sharon Maconachie, Anni Paasilahti, Greg Wiseman, Kristen Gibbons, James Winearls, , for the FEISTY Investigators, Shane George, Elizabeth Wake, James Winearls, Christa Bell Don Campbell, Megan King, Sarah Czuchwicki, Martin Wullschleger, Natalie Philips, Ann Hinde, Angus Jones, Tara Williams, Andrew Blanch, John Roy, Tona Gillen, Marlene Keen, Roy Kimble, Sharon Maconachie, Greg Wiseman, Leonie Jones, Anni Paasilahti, Catherine Tacon, Helen Miles, Glenn Ryan, James Walsham, Chantelle Judge, Rob Eley, Catherine Hurn, Frances Williamson, Daniel Ellis, Daniel Harris, Stephanie O’Connor, Subodh Ganu, Melanie Jansen, S Soundappan

4 May 2022

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