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Cardiovascular medicine

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Association between symptoms and risk of non-ST segment elevation myocardial infarction according to age and sex in patients admitted to the emergency department with suspected acute coronary syndrome: a single-centre retrospective cohort study

Ole-Thomas Steiro, Kristin Moberg Aakre, Hilde Lunde Tjora, Rune Oskar Bjørneklett, Øyvind Skadberg, Vernon Vijay Singha Bonarjee, Øistein Rønneberg Mjelva, Torbjorn Omland, Kjell Vikenes, Jørund Langørgen

12 May 2022

Using routine healthcare data to evaluate the impact of the Medicines at Transitions Intervention (MaTI) on clinical outcomes of patients hospitalised with heart failure: protocol for the Improving the Safety and Continuity Of Medicines management at Transitions of care (ISCOMAT) cluster randomised controlled trial with embedded process evaluation, health economics evaluation and internal pilot

Lauren A Moreau, Ivana Holloway, Beth Fylan, Suzanne Hartley, Bonnie Cundill, Alison Fergusson, Sarah Alderson, David Phillip Alldred, Chris Bojke, Liz Breen, Hanif Ismail, Peter Gardner, Ellen Mason, Catherine Powell, Jonathan Silcock, Andrew Taylor, Amanda Farrin, Chris Gale,

29 April 2022

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