Celebrating a decade of publishing

Launched in 2011 as BMJ’s first wholly open access journal, BMJ Open turns 10 this year. To celebrate this special occasion, we are reflecting on milestone achievements and highlight some of the most influential research that the journal has published during this time. Editor-in-Chief Adrian Aldcroft shares his thoughts below on what makes the journal special.

We have also curated a collection of articles addressing the themes of Patient Involvement and Innovation in Scholarly Publishing, two areas that the journal holds close to its heart. These collections will be available later in the year.

Lastly, we would like to thank all our authors, reviewers and readers for their support over the years.

Join us in marking our 10th anniversary and we look forward to receiving your next manuscript at BMJ Open.

Our milestones

Here’s looking back at the journal’s 10 year journey and remembering the major milestones that the journal has achieved.

An interview with Adrian Aldcroft

Adrian Aldcroft

Meet the Editor-in-Chief of BMJ Open and find out what it is like to manage the journal, where the journal is headed over the next few years and what he looks for in a submitted manuscript.

Top ranked articles

We have collated a list of our most cited and most mentioned articles over the last ten years.

Top cited articles                           Top mentioned articles

From our newsroom

BMJ Open marks a decade of influential open access research:
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