Who might pay the APC for me?

If you received a grant to conduct your research, your first enquiry should be to whoever disburses the research funds.

Much research funding is now granted on the condition that any resulting articles are published with open access and are deposited in PubMed Central – publishing in BMJ Open means you meet both these criteria.

To help authors complete these requirements many funders will permit payment of APCs from grants or have separate funds available.

The Wellcome Trust and Research Councils UK have new policies regarding open access to research they have funded which came in to effect on 1 April 2013. Publishing in BMJ Open allows you to comply with their requirements.

For the APC policies of UK PMC funders, including the Wellcome Trust, the MRC, the NIHR, Arthritis Research UK, British Heart Foundation and Cancer Research UK, click here. The Juliet website provides a summary of policies given by various research funders as part of their grant awards.

Your institution may already have arranged to cover your publishing costs or you may be eligible for a discount. Click here to find out.

The Open Access Directory contains a list of universities that have funds for researchers to pay APCs. The Scholarly Publishing and Academic Resources Coalition (SPARC) has something similar – both mainly cover US institutions and are not comprehensive.

Many universities now have funds available for authors to pay APCs. The Compact for Open Access Publishing Equity is a collection of universities who have pledged their support to establishing durable mechanisms for underwriting the APC-model. See if your university has signed here. Alternatively contact your librarian to find out what support your institution offers.

See our instructions for authors for more information on APCs, including what discounts and waivers are available for authors and reviewers.