Table 2

Centre questionnaire

(1) Are patients undergoing elective major surgery at your centre reviewed at a formal preoperative assessment clinic?Yes—all patients; Yes—high-risk patients only; No
(2a) Do your centre's U&E (urea and electrolytes) results include AKI stage?Yes; No
(2b) Does your centre have an electronic alerting system to flag patients that have developed AKI?Yes; No
(3) Does your centre employ a full-time on-site nephrologist (consultant or associate specialist grade at this hospital)?Yes; No
(4) Does your centre offer inpatient dialysis?Dialysis in ICU only (CRRT); Acute dialysis in a renal centre; Both
(5) Is intraoperative goal directed fluid therapy available at your centre for major surgery?Yes—routinely employed (>50% of cases); Yes—not routinely employed (<50% of cases); No
(6) Are patients undergoing major surgery at your centre admitted to high dependency/intensive care units postoperatively?Yes—routinely (>50% of patients); Yes—most high-risk patients only; Never
  • AKI, acute kidney injury; CRRT, continuous renal replacement therapy; ICU, intensive care unit.