Table 4

Positive aspects of the new health concept according to respondents

I feel positive about the new concept:*Nper cent†
It emphasises that a person is more than his/her illness96749.9
It emphasises people's strengths rather than their weaknesses94348.7
Health is seen as a dynamic rather than a static state87645.2
It emphasises self-management86244.5
It focuses on individual responsibility58130.0
It makes the patient more equal to the practitioner28514.7
Other (summarised):
It focuses attention on the path towards health120.6
This is broad and feasible100.5
It stresses that you can still feel healthy despite a chronic disease80.4
It emphasises adaptability60.3
Other/do not know/nothing negative834.2
  • *Respondents were free to give more than one answer.

  • †Percentage of the total population (N=1938).