Table 1

Study schedule

Assessment/procedureED presentation
Day 1
Day 2Day 3 and every day until dischargeDay 7–14 after starting antibiotics3 months after starting antibiotics1 year after starting antibiotics
Informed consentX
Demographic informationX
Clinical assessmentXXX
Blood cultureX
Skin swabX
Nasal swab (optional)XXXX
Stool sample (optional)XXXX
Photo on parents’ phoneXXX
IV antibioticsXXX
Anonymous questionnaireX
Final review method option 1: RCH clinic (where parents willing)X
Optional stool for culture and sensitivityX
Final review method option 2: by telephone (where parents unwilling to attend clinic)X
Parents to email photo of previously affected areaX
  • ED, emergency department; IV, intravenous; RCH, Royal Children's Hospital.