Table 4

Summary of key questions discussed within this research

GP interview questionsFocus group questions
Section 1: Usual practice for treating a UTISection 1: General health and GP consultations
Can you talk me through how you would normally diagnose someone with a UTI? What treatment do you recommend, how do you make this choice? Please describe the role of the patient in the diagnosis?Activity to establish participants’ health-seeking behaviours and current relationship with GPs
Section 2: AntibioticsSection 2: Awareness of antibiotics
Overall, what are your views on prescribing antibiotics? Positive/negative aspects? Do these views change for a patient with UTI? Have you ever received any guidelines on prescribing antibiotics? Can you remember what the guidelines are? Do they include UTI? How did you feel about using this guidelines in practice?Can you explain to me what an antibiotic is? Have you been prescribed any kind of antibiotic in the past year? Did you ask your GP/doctor any questions relating to the prescription? Can you describe the benefits and consequences of taking an antibiotic?
Section 3: Antibiotic resistanceSection 3: Urinary tract infections experiences and associations
Are there any adverse side effects to prescribing antibiotics?
Do you know what the antimicrobial resistance patterns are in your area?
Scenario-based exercise describing symptoms experienced by a patient with typical UTI. Discussions of personal experiences of having a UTI and the actions taken throughout the illness.Has anyone here ever experienced a UTI, or known someone who has had one—what words or phrases would you associate with it? Please describe the steps that you go through when deciding to go to see your GP doctor key priorities.Scenario-based exercise to discuss association between UTI illness and antibiotic
Section 4: Intervention designSection 4: Antibiotic resistance
Discussion of possible strategies to facilitate changing their attitudes and behaviours towards prescribing antibiotics for UTIHave you ever heard of the term antibiotic resistance? What does it mean to you? In what context did you hear it?
Section 5: Intervention design
Discussion of possible strategies to facilitate changing their attitudes and behaviours towards consuming antibiotics for UTI
  • GP, General Practitioners; UTI, urinary tract infections.