Table 3

Risk of breast cancer (women only), prostate cancer (men only) and colon cancer in the calcium channel blocker (CCB) cohort compared to the non-CCB antihypertensive (AHT) drugs cohort

Breast cancer (women only)Prostate cancer (men only)Colon cancer
CCB cohortAHT cohortCCB cohortAHT cohortCCB cohortAHT cohort
Cancer rates (crude per 1000 person-years)3.052.324.102.501.410.92
Number of cancers13971194175310141249849
Number of person-years457 417514 400427 654404 833885 070919 233
Crude HR (95% CI)1.33 (1.23 to 1.43)1.00 (reference)1.64 (1.52 to 1.78)1.00 (reference)1.54 (1.41 to 1.68)1.00 (reference)
Adjusted HR (95% CI)0.95 (0.87 to 1.04)1.00 (reference)1.07 (0.98 to 1.16)1.00 (reference)0.89 (0.81 to 0.98)*1.00 (reference)
  • *p=0.02. HR obtained from multivariate Cox proportional hazard analyses including age at index date, gender, smoking status, body mass index, alcohol consumption, diagnoses of diabetes, hypertension, arrhythmia, angina or heart failure, and use of statins or aspirin.