Table 2

Current fluoroquinolone use* and the hazard of collagen-associated adverse events

Antibiotic exposure outcome eventUnadjusted HR95% CIAdjusted†
95% CI
 Tendon rupture3.132.98 to 3.282.402.24 to 2.57
 Retinal detachment1.280.99 to 1.651.471.08 to 2.00
 Aortic aneurysm2.722.53 to 2.932.242.02 to 2.49
Amoxicillin (negative tracer)
 Tendon rupture1.561.46 to 1.661.411.29 to 1.54
 Retinal detachment1.441.14 to 1.811.471.08 to 2.00
 Aortic aneurysm1.741.59 to 1.901.501.32 to 1.70
  • *Patients considered exposed during fluoroquinolone course and for 30 days following treatment.

  • †Adjusted for baseline characteristics including sex, income quintile, prior hospital admissions, prior physician visits, diabetes mellitus, hypertension, atherosclerosis, chronic kidney disease, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, hypothyroidism, depression, inflammatory bowel disease, malignancy, liver disease, prior pneumonia, prior urinary tract infection.