TableĀ 4

Interventions suggested by interviewees to support women's participation in medical leadership roles

WhoWhat can they do?
IndividualsRecognise unconscious gender biases
Serve as a peer support, role model or mentor for aspiring leaders
Support and encourage women through periods of maternity leave and childrearing responsibilities
Promote women for consideration for leadership roles
Model good behaviour through recognition of and respect for female leaders
Organisations eg, hospitalsProvide flexible and family-friendly working hours
Establish a female leadership group to offer peer support
Create part-time leadership roles
Be explicit and transparent about opportunities to apply for leadership roles
Provide appropriate continuing education allowances and educational opportunities to part-time staff
Professional organisations eg, collegesImprove reporting and consideration of gender issues at board level
Help to connect women with female leaders and mentors
Help to develop training and career pathways that dovetail with parenting and other caring responsibilities
Encourage women to consider opportunities they may not have thought about
Advocate for gender equity in wider social policy debates (eg, pay equity, access to education and childcare)