Table 1

Data extraction items

Patient characteristics
 Median ageMedian age and range of included patients
 Type of inguinal herniaUnilateral or bilateral inguinal hernia; medial, lateral, femoral (and combinations); size of hernia defect/opening
 Details of interventionDetails on different mesh fixation methods
 Size of meshSize of mesh used
 Type of meshMaterial, pore size, weight
 Number of tacksDetails on number and types of tacks
 Mesh fixation methodsDetails on other types of fixation
 Follow-upPeriod of follow-up and lost to follow-up
Study characteristics
 First authorsName of the first author
 Year of publicationPubTime of included trials
 Study armsDetails on the intervention and control group
 Sample sizeSample size of included trials
 Type of designType of design of included trials
 Chronic groin painGroin pain persisting at least 3 months after the index operation
Visual analogue scale (VAS) ≥40 mm if scoring system was utilised
 RecurrenceClinical or radiologic recurrence of inguinal hernia
 Postoperative painVAS immediately after and during 1 week of the operation
 ComplicationsAny complications requiring further procedures in the theatre during the same surgical admission
 Operative timeTime from skin incision to skin closure
 Length of hospital stayTime from the index operation to discharge