TableĀ 1

Interview guide

Major conceptsExamples of questions
Healthcare systemDo you have a regular doctor?
  • How important is it for you to find an Arabic-speaking doctor?

Do you know what healthcare services are available to you to help you control your diabetes?
Predisposing characteristics/enabling resources/perceived needWhen you had symptoms of diabetes, did you discuss the decision to go to doctor and/or access medical services use with anyone? If yes, who?
  • Family members

  • Peers and friends

  • Husband/wife/partner

Use of health servicesThink back to the time when you were told that you have diabetes, can you tell me more about that? How did you know that you had diabetes? What were you experiencing at the time of diabetes onset? What does it mean for a person in your views to have diabetes? Have you ever been concerned with developing diabetes complication? If yes, what did you do? When do you go to see a doctor?
  • Regular basis

  • For check-ups

  • When very ill/sick

  • To get a prescription

Is there any difficulty in accessing and/or using available healthcare services?
Consumersā€™ perceptions of healthcare services/providersWhat is your impression about interacting with your GP/other health professionals? If you have been referred to endocrinologist/other health professionals at hospital setting in the past few years, what is your impression of your interaction with those healthcare providers?
  • GP, general practitioner.