Table 4

Adjusted ORs† for breastfeeding support in term infants

VariableBreastfeeding at 10 daysBreastfeeding at 6 weeks
N‡ (%)§aOR595% CIp ValueN6 (%)¶aOR595% C.Ip Value
Q4††: Received advice on how to recognise if the infant is receiving enough milk
 No5665 (81.3)14367 (80.4)1
 Yes5536 (88.0)1.241.05 to 1.460.013*4809 (83.7)1.040.89 to 1.220.608
Q5: Received help or support in hospital for feeding problems
 Help received3052 (80.9)12380 (77.1)1
 No help received545 (72.6)1.070.75 to 1.530.717357 (71.3)0.990.67 to 1.450.943
 No problems7089 (86.4)1.571.29 to 1.91<0.001***5973 (83.9)1.271.05 to 1.530.015*
 Not born in hospital502 (89.4)0.510.24 to 1.090.082447 (88.8)1.180.56 to 2.470.660
Q6: Received enough help and support in hospital
 Yes7891 (86.3)16636 (83.4)1
 No2795 (78.2)0.610.50 to 0.74<0.001***2064 (76.0)0.750.62 to 0.900.003**
 Not born in hospital502 (89.4)1.00447 (88.8)1.00
Q7: Received contact details of community support groups for breastfeeding
 No2818 (71.6)11812 (74.5)1
 Yes8408 (88.3)2.241.86 to 2.68<0.001***7366 (83.9)1.831.51 to 2.22<0.001***
Q8: Aware of the National Breastfeeding Helpline
 No3550 (77.3)12596 (75.9)1
 Yes7675 (87.3)1.291.08 to 1.530.004**6581 (75.2)1.010.85 to 1.210.884
Q9: Received help or information for feeding problems‡‡ encountered at home
 Yes3433 (89.6)13023 (81.2)1
 No673 (75.3)0.580.42 to 0.800.001**492 (64.6)0.450.35 to 0.64<0.001***
 No problems7175 (82.8)0.620.50 to 0.77<0.001***5707 (84.0)1.261.04 to 1.520.018*
Q10: Used support from community support groups
 No9588 (83.3)17721 (81.9)1
 Yes1702 (89.4)1.301.01 to 1.680.043*1509 (82.7)1.220.97 to 1.530.086
Q11:Used support from healthcare professionals
 No2807 (87.2)12403 (86.6)1
 Yes8483 (83.3)0.630.50 to 0.79<0.0016827 (80.2)0.710.57 to 0.880.002**
  • *p<0.05; **p<0.005; ***p<0.001.

  • †Adjusted ORs with 95% CIs and p values. Adjusted for: Ethnicity, marital status, age mother left full time education, socioeconomic status, IMD, parity with previous breastfeeding experience, antenatal feeding intention, knowing other mothers while pregnant and how they fed their infants, given advice on how to recognise if infant receiving enough milk, receiving help in hospital for feeding problems, receiving enough help in hospital, given contact details of voluntary organisation or community support group, being aware of the national breastfeeding helpline, receiving support or information for feeding problems at home, using voluntary support, using support from healthcare professionals. IMD, Index of Multiple Deprivation.

  • ‡Total Sample size of women with term infants with each individual response to each question.

  • §Weighted percentage of women responding to each question who were breastfeeding at 10 days.

  • ¶Weighted percentage of women responding to each question who were breastfeeding at 6 weeks.

  • ††Question numbers refer to breastfeeding support questions in box 1.

  • ‡‡Feeding problems at home could include feeding problems related to either formula feeding or breastfeeding.