Table 3

Descriptive analysis* of antenatal and delivery characteristics

VariableBreastfeeding at 10 days (%)Breastfeeding at 6 weeks (%)
N (sample size)365 (437)9230 (11 292)281 (365)7547 (9230)
 Multiparous who breastfed <6 weeks62.965.463.669.5
 Multiparous who breastfed >6 weeks96.994.984.889.1
Aware of the health benefits of breastfeeding
Antenatal feeding intention
 Infant formula68.339.231.654.4
 Combination feed75.681.658.274.5
 Not decided69.869.861.072.8
Knew other mothers with young infants during pregnancy and their feeding methods
 Mothers who formula fed79.674.959.675.5
 Mothers mixed fed85.785.380.481.1
 Mothers who breastfed99.294.392.091.2
 Did not know other mothers81.184.979.482.7
Type of birth
Neonatal unit admission
Length of stay in hospital
 <12 h81.183.796.881.1
 12–24 h75.285.991.882.7
 1–2 days87.084.476.783.2
 3–7 days87.281.775.779.5
 >7 days85.585.867.980.2
 Not born in hospital93.993.935.190.9
Gestation (weeks)
 42+ 84.483.1
  • *Per cent rounded to 1 decimal point (weighted). Frequencies (n) are unweighted values.

  • NVD, normal vaginal delivery.