Table 1

Characteristics of Canadian adults who participated in cycle 1 (2007–2009) of the Canadian Health Measures Survey and on whom complete covariate data were available (N=2949)

Age, years46.616.4
Body mass index, kg/m227.35.5
Being a woman (vs being a man)51.41515
Married/common law (vs widowed, separated, divorced or single/never married)65.11919
Have children ≤15 years old in household (yes vs no)35.61051
Immigrant (yes vs no)19.9587
Mood disorder (yes vs no)8.3246
Good/very good/excellent perceived health (vs fair/poor)90.32662
Total annual household income ≥$40 000 (vs <$40 000)77.72291
Ever smoker (vs Never-smoker)50.51488
Fall/winter assessment (vs spring/summer assessment)48.51429
Rural location (vs urban location)14.4424
≥1 h/week of utilitarian walking (vs <1 h/week)63.71878
≥6 h/week of utilitarian walking (vs<6 h/week)17.8526