Table 4

Self-reported reasons for unmet medical need among asylum seekers (N=145)

TotalMissing per item
Frequency (% of N)
Unmet need
 Yes63 (43.5)
 Total145 (100)11 (7.1)
Reasons for unmet need
 Financial barriers33 (66)
 Waiting for improvement of symptoms19 (38)
 Waiting lists16 (32)
 No good physician known14 (28)
 Fear of doctors11 (22)
 No healthcare voucher8 (16)
 Long distance7 (14)
 Lack of time3 (6)
 Other reasons10 (20)
 Total number of persons reporting reasons*50 (100)13 (20.6)†
  • %, percentage of asylum seekers choosing respective response option over all asylum seekers who answered this item; N, absolute number of asylum seekers reporting.

  • *Frequencies and percent do not add to total due to multiple answers.

  • †Asylum seekers reporting unmet need without specifying a reason.