Table 2

Regression coefficients (β) and 95% CIs obtained from linear mixed effects model with maximum likelihood, adjusted for family clustering, parental and offspring age, smoking status and social class

Sons’ BMIDaughters’ BMI
β95% Confidence intervalp Valueβ95% Confidence intervalp Value
Model 1
 Paternal BMI0.350.27 to 0.42<0.0010.290.21 to 0.38<0.001
 Maternal BMI0.260.20 to 0.32<0.0010.330.27 to 0.40<0.001
Model 2: additional parental BMI adjustment
 Paternal BMI (adjusted for maternal BMI)0.300.23 to 0.38<0.0010.230.15 to 0.32<0.001
 Maternal BMI (adjusted for paternal BMI)0.220.16 to 0.28<0.0010.330.24 to 0.37<0.001
  • BMI, body mass index.