TableĀ 2

Collation of themes from meta-planning exercise (what makes you feel more confident/competent?)

QuestionExample responsesThemesExample responsesThemes
What makes you feel more competent?Ability to perform tasks independently
Completing task several/multiple times under supervision and do it correctly
Feedback from senior staff
Able to perform task to required standard
The 2011 groups were unable to group the competence and confidence responses under distinct headingsBeing able to perform a task and get the expected results (eg, ring blocks)
Doing something correctly and appropriately
To be able to achieve desired result
Being left to your own devices by seniors
Positive feedback
Feedback from Colleagues
Having done something many times before
Doing something correctly
Positive Feedback
Passed objective training
Repeated many times
Being left alone by seniors
What makes you feel more confident?When you can go through the process independently
Successful outcome on repeated occasions
Gut feeling
Comfortable being asked to do the task
Able to teach others and give feedback
You feel confident
Experience (have done it before)
When you can teach others accurately
No apprehension before carrying out procedure
To approach and manage a situation with success and repetitive success
Experience (clinical and theoretical
Teaching it and revising it
When I have seen it before and spoken to someone about it/ got feedback
Repeated success
positive feedback
Being aware of pitfalls