Table 2

Barriers faced by HCPs when managing falls among older people with a high risk of falls

1. HCPs’ perceived barriers for older people
  1. Normalising falls

  2. Stigma around falls

  3. Reluctance to use assistive devices

  4. Home modification issues

  5. Fatalism

  6. Denial

2. HCP barriers
  1. Trivialisation of falls

  2. Lack of clinical skills in managing falls

  3. Lack of inter-professional communication

3. Lack of caregivers’ support
  1. Decision to admit to nursing home

  2. Reinforcing older people’s dependency

4. Healthcare system barriers
  1. Lack of healthcare providers and facilities

  2. Lack of continuity of care for fall management

  3. Lack of fall education materials

  4. Lack of HCP training on falls and their prevention

  • HCPs, healthcare professionals.