Table 1

Schedule of observations

Outcomes collectedPrescreenBaselineWeekly for 15 weeks16 weeks4 weekly for 32 weeks52 weeks
Carer-reported outcomes
 UK diagnostic criteria for eczema
 Eczema severity over past year (NESS)
 Prior belief in bath emollients
 Service use
 Medication use
 Eczema severity over past week (POEM)
 Eczema-related quality of life (DFI)
 Generic quality of life (CHU-9D)
 Questions about washing
 Adverse effects from bathing
 Adherence/avoidance of bath emollients
Review of GP records for 12 months from recruitment
 Number of consultations*
 Referrals for eczema
 Medication use
  • *Consultations will be categorised into the following four groups:

  • ▸ Consultation record mentions flare of eczema or infected eczema or prescription or advice to use topical corticosteroids/calcineurin inhibitors or antibiotics (topical or oral antibiotics for skin).

  • ▸ Consultation record mentions eczema but with no indication that this was an eczema flare or infected eczema.

  • ▸ Consultation record mentions skin rash, itch or dryness mentioned but no mention of eczema.

  • ▸ Consultation recorded with no mention of eczema or skin rash, itch or dryness.

  • CHU-9D, Child Health Utility 9D; DFI, Dermatitis Family Impact; GP, general practitioner; NESS, Nottingham Eczema Severity Scale; POEM, Patient-Oriented Eczema Measure.