Table 5

Generalised estimating equations to estimate ORs of the risk of offspring for having high waist circumference (WC; above action level 1 or above action level 2), high body mass index (BMI; ≥25 or ≥30 kg/m2), angina (Rose Angina Questionnaire) and myocardial infarct (self-reported or ECG evidence)

Two non-obese parents (referent)
n=1766 (76.5%)
One obese parent
n=464 (20.3%)
Two obese parents
n=73 (3.2%)
Per centORPer centOR95% CIp ValuePer centOR95% CIp Value
Model 1
 WC above action level 140.0154.11.841.46 to 2.33<0.00180.86.843.70 to 12.65<0.001
 WC above action level 217.6128.71.901.46 to 2.46<0.00165.810.256.56 to 13.93<0.001
 BMI ≥25 kg/m250.7167.01.961.54 to 2.48<0.00191.810.404.65 to 13.29<0.001
 BMI ≥30 kg/m214.0125.62.141.62 to 2.81<0.00163.011.777.70 to 18.00<0.001
 Metabolic syndrome*18.5121.21.180.86 to 1.620.31134.52.461.33 to 4.570.004
 Angina3.713.40.860.48 to 1.540.61411.02.741.27 to 5.920.010
 Myocardial infarct1.711.70.920.42 to 2.000.82811.15.532.53 to 12.07<0.001
 Angina and/or myocardial infarct5.215.00.890.55 to 1.430.61920.84.142.15 to 8.00<0.001
Model 2 (additional offspring BMI adjustment)
 Angina3.713.40.800.45 to 1.440.46211.02.080.95 to 4.580.068
 Myocardial infarct1.711.70.750.34 to 1.630.46411.13.261.43 to 7.430.005
 Angina and/or myocardial infarct5.215.00.810.50 to 1.320.40120.83.031.55 to 5.910.001
  • Data were adjusted for family clustering, sex, offspring and parental age, smoking status and social class in model 1, and additional adjustment for offspring BMI in the case of angina and myocardial infarct in model 2, in 2303 (5 missing cases) offspring with one obese (BMI ≥30 kg/m2) parent or those with both obese parents.

  • *There were 1921 cases with complete data for calculating metabolic syndrome.