Table 2

Patient characteristics

Total number of patients 134692
Mean sample size 648
Mean %, female 27.7%
CharacteristicNumber of studies* (n=208)Percentage of studies
Age category
 Adult and elderly (≥18)19593.8
 Adult (18–64)41.9
 Elderly (≥65)00.0
Severity of COPD
 Mild to moderate104.8
 Mild to severe94.3
 Mild to very severe83.8
 Moderate to severe6028.9
 Moderate to very severe6732.2
 Severe to very severe62.9
 Stable (severity NR)52.4
Female, %
 Not reported104.8
  • *Includes unpublished studies.

  • COPD, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease; NR, not reported.