Table 1

Summary of adaptations made to MiQuit for use in ‘real-world’ settings

MiQuit—used in feasibility trialMiQuit—adapted for use in routine care
Initiation procedure
Initiation manually activated by researchersUsers text QUIT plus their first name and weeks of gestation (‘quit Katie 12’) to a six-digit shortcode
Tailoring data (26 characteristics) collected by a paper questionnaire or completed over the phoneTailoring data (12 characteristics) collected via automated multiple choice text message questions or website
Increasing support coverage and quality
N/AMessages mapped onto BCTs appropriate to intervention objectives. New messages created where coverage was low
N/AMessages were reviewed by two smoking cessation experts to ensure accuracy and quality of content and refinements made in response to feedback
On-demand support if users are experiencing a craving to smoke (text HELP) or if they have smoked during a quit attempt (text SLIP)Addition of the keyword QUIZ to play a multiple choice text message trivia quiz for distraction
Smoking status assessment text messages sent at 3 and 7 weeks into programme to increase engagement and further tailor the support deliveredAddition of an end of programme (12 weeks) smoking status assessment text message
N/AFacility created where users can increase or decrease frequency of support by texting MORE or LESS
N/AFacility created to provide an additional schedule of support messages if user texts in a quit date
N/ASeries of gestation-tailored baby development information texts
N/AAdditional smoking in pregnancy risk information messages only delivered if user responds to an invitation prompt text
  • BCTs, behaviour change techniques.