Table 3

MNL model parameters

AttributeLevelCoefficientp ValueLower 95% CIUpper 95% CI
Level of obesityObesity−0.306Ref
Severe obesity* 0.0190.094−0.0030.041
Very severe obesity*** 0.288≤0.0010.2660.309
Obesity-related conditionsAt risk of comorbidity−0.205Ref
Already has comorbidity*** 0.205≤0.0010.1910.219
Age of person20 years−0.038Ref
35 years0.0210.519−0.0420.084
50 years0.0170.341−0.0180.053
Family historyNo family history−0.082Ref
Family history*** 0.082≤0.0010.0700.094
Chance of maintaining weight lossper %*** 0.015≤0.0010.0140.016
CommitmentNot maintained health lifestyle−0.611Ref
Maintained healthy lifestyle*** 0.611≤0.0010.5890.632
Time on wait listper month*** 0.031≤0.0010.0290.033
  • Ref: Referent level for the model specified with fixed parameter (given effects coding parameter for referent is equal to the negative sum of the parameters for the other levels for the attribute.63).

  • ***, **, *: Significance at 1%, 5%, 10% level.

  • MNL, multinomial logit model.