Table 2

Respondent characteristics

CharacteristicNumberPer cent (n=1994)*Australia†
AgeMean (SD)46.6 (16.5)
≥50 years84942.6041.5% (≥ 15-year)
Born in Australia‡Yes147273.8072.3%
Main language spoken at homeEnglish187594.00
Education (highest)Certificate, Diploma or degree89244.7059% (25–64 year)
EmploymentPart or full time107553.9060.5% (≥15-year civilian population)
Worked in health systemYes (during past 10 years)22711.40
Income (annual household)‡>AU$100 00037421.8035.1% (>AU$104 400)
Private health insuranceHospital cover94547.4047%
 AQoL-8D health state utilityMean (SD)0.69 (0.21)Mean 0.86
 Perceived weight‡Overweight or obese105253.50
Health service
 Hospital admissions≥1 in past 12 months39920.0113.2%
 GP visits≥4 in past 12 months67934.1031.9%
 Previous weight management surgeryFor self or close family member1417.10
  • *Valid per cent for AQoL-8D health state utility (12 missing responses); Income (277 missing or prefer not to say); BMI (calculated from height and weight with 46 missing or prefer not to say); Perceived weight (29 missing or prefer not to say).

  • †Source for Australian demographic norms: Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) Catalogue 31010DO001_201403 Australian Demographic Statistics, Mar 2014 (gender, age); ABS Catalogue 2076.0 Census 2011 (Indigenous status); ABS Catalogue 3412.0 Migration, Australia, 2012–2013 (country of birth); ABS Catalogue 4102.0 Australian social trends 2007: Qualification of Australians (education); ABS Catalogue 6202.0 Labour Force Australia Oct 2014 (employment); ABS R Catalogue 6523.0 Household Income and Income Distribution, Australia, 2011–2012 (income); ABS Catalogue 4364.0 National Health Survey 2004–2005 (private health insurance); AQoL website (AQoL-8D); AIHW 20107 (BMI); ABS Catalogue 4839.0.55.001 Health Services: Patient Experiences in Australia, 2009 (hospital admissions and G.P. services).

  • ‡Income, born in Australia and perceived weight were not entered into the LC model, since they displayed correlations above 0.3 with other included variables.

  • BMI, body mass index; GP, general practitioner.