Table 1

Characteristics of participating general practitioners (GPs)* (total number: 25)

n (%)
 Male18 (72)
 Female7 (28)
Practice type
 Single†4 (16)
 Duo or group21 (84)
 Rural area2 (8)
 Urbanised rural area16 (64)
 Urban area7 (28)
GP trainer‡
 At present11 (44)
 In the past1 (4)
 Never13 (52)
 Yes5 (20)
 No20 (80)
Mean age, years (range)50 (31–63)
Mean experience as GP, years (range)20 (2–36)
  • *Sex, age, practice type and urbanisation were similarly distributed among participants in our sample as compared to the Dutch professional group of GPs.24

  • †Count of GPs settled solitary in a practice, that is, without employment of or professional collaboration with other GPs.

  • ‡Trainer at the Nijmegen residency training programme, a qualification needed to supervise a GP trainee.