Table 2

Rule of law coefficients of Multivariate Regression Models of Health Outcomes on Rule of Law, gross domestic product per capita, Health expenditure, Freedom, Gini coefficient and status of women

95% CIPseudo R2
Coefficientp ValueLowHighLR χ2
Infant mortality rate*−2.570.032−4.93−0.2244.230.15
Maternal mortality rate*−1.580.050−3.25−0.0843.170.12
Cardiovascular and diabetes mortality rate*−1.130.009−1.97−2.8166.170.05
Life expectancy†4.930.0450.1411.7292.860.15
  • Number of observations 96.

  • *Generalised negative binomial regressions.

  • †Ordinal regression.

  • LR, likelihood ratio.