Table 3

Themes for improvement

ThemesNumber of comments made/percentage of comments for improvementSample comments
1. Poor care866 (17)“Nobody wanted to help me to bed. Two ladies were arguing in front of me because neither wanted to look after me. It was hard to witness that”
2. Poor communication518 (10)“Often the level of English of some doctors and nurses was very poor. They could not explain my treatment, the medicines they were giving me or tell me why—very frightening”
3. Waiting times: in OPD512 (10)“When you are feeling dreadful, you've got a lot of pain, waiting up to 3 h is excruciating”
4. Information423 (8)“Explaining more on the side effects and duration [could be improved]”
5. Understaffed398 (8)“The nurses were not lazy just stretched. There should be more regular nurses than bank nurses and agency nurses”
6. Liaison between departments303 (6)“Transfer of information between departments within the hospital can be improved”
7. Environment/hospital site295 (6)“The oncology clinic needs to be a brighter and more cheerful place to wait”
8. Support283 (6)“More help to cope with depression caused by the return of my cancer after a remission of 6 years would have been a great help”
9. GP265 (5)“GP practice needs a cancer expert as I don't feel they understand treatment prescriptions and requirements”
10. Delays218 (4)“Referral waiting period, for example, physiotherapy goes on for months”
11. Waiting in CDU214 (4)“It has been a regular feature of my treatment that my chemotherapy medication was not available at the appointed time, and was delivered as much as 2/3 hours late”
12. Access to doctors212 (4)“Completely impossible to contact my consultant”
13. Food211 (4)“If you stay long term, the food leaves a lot to be desired”
14. Resources172 (3)“MRI services are not adequately available. Once I waited as an inpatient 7 days for a scan”
15. Parking118 (2)“Parking…at least £2 an hour. I have been an outpatient for 17 months visiting the hospital twice a month at least. Us pensioners can't afford it”
16. Pharmacy112 (2)“When waiting as an outpatient for medication is unacceptable in the amount of time you have to wait for it to be dispensed. Always an hour or longer”
17. Discharge51 (1)“It took a significant amount of time to be assessed and discharged from hospital post operation”
Total5171 (100)
  • CDU, Chemotherapy Day Unit; GP, general practitioner; OPD, Outpatients Department.