Table 2

Positive themes

ThemesNumber of comments made/percentage of positive commentsSample comments
1. The quality of care3343 (33)“NHS cancer care is excellent”
“We have always received first class treatment”
2. Particular services/teams2765 (27)“Both chemotherapy and radiotherapy teams were amazing”
3. The quality of professionals2700 (26)“They were so thorough. Everyone treated me like a person and not a number”
4. Speed and efficiency688 (7)“Everyone acted so quick: appointment, scans, operation”
5. Support and attention627 (6)“Everyone was sensitive, articulate and emotionally supportive”
6. Being part of clinical trials67 (0.6)“Speedy assessment and good monitoring during clinical research”
7. Food42 (0.4)“The food menus—explaining which choices would ‘build you up’ or ‘gluten free’, were very good”
Total10 232 (100)
  • NHS, National Health Service.